An Open Letter to Roland Burris


Dude. I’ve been sitting on my modern black leather couch glued to CNN watching the drama unfold, and I have to say I’m extra sick of you. At first I was just pissed at corrupt-behind Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. I mean, he did try to sell President-Elect Obama’s vacated Senate seat. And when he tried to further politicize the situation by appointing a Black man (that would be you), I got even more upset. But when you accepted the appointment and started talking all that smack, I was appalled.

Oh, yes. I was watching live on Sunday when you asked Don Lemon “Is there a such thing as taint in the law?” and then yelled at him: “I am the junior Senator from Illinois!” Word, Roland? And it only got worse. Monday, you got nasty with reporters during your press conference at Chicago’s Midway airport, saying you didn’t understand why reporters were there perpetuating drama. Um, I’d say they were there because you called a press conference, you dick.

But the arrogance and general assholery aren’t what make me the most upset. My yelling at the screen didn’t drown out the television until I saw the reports of Black politicians and “religious leaders” saying this is a race issue. Now I’d never say it’s not a good idea to have a qualified Black person in the Senate, but you’re not being denied a seat because your skin is the same color as Barack’s and mine. The Illinois Secretary of State didn’t sign your credentials because you were appointed by the cat who tried to sell the seat! Say what you want about not being able to control your supporters making it about race, it’s clear that you’re riding this ish ’til the wheels fall off.

I know you’re not stupid, or delusional even. I’m smart enough to recognize that even as you say you’re pushing the issue because of your “commitment to serving the people,” this is really about your commitment to serving yourself. I mean, I dig the appeal of being a U.S. Senator; it’s a dream job for someone trying desperately to get into the history books. But at what price your soul?

Hell, if you don’t mind being Blago’s Bitch for the rest of your career, go right ahead. And, hey, it’s okay if everybody and their mama wonders exactly what you did (or paid) to get this seat. And, man, don’t worry about it when your fellow Democratic Senators give you the cold shoulder in committee and devalue what I’m sure would be valid opinions and solutions. Who cares if the people of the great state of Illinois would have a lame duck representing them in the Senate. You just go right ahead and take this all the way to the Supreme Court as your lawyer, Timothy Wright, threatened when you were turned away yesterday. I’ll be glued to my fave channel to see how that works out for ya.

Do the right thing,

What do you think about this fiasco? Tell me about it.

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  • jayday

    I’m a Chicagoan living elsewhere, but I’ve been here at home to watch it unfold. Although I don’t like the fact that people are making it an issue of race instead of building a case based on the facts, I think Roland Burris is right to step forward for the seat. I’m sure the articles in the national media swing one way when it comes to Burris, but there is a lot that I’m not hearing in the discussion. Roland Burris is actually a good person to take the seat. It’s kind of funny. Appointing him is Blago’s final middle finger, because he knows that when it goes down, they will likely seat Burris. Burris has a reputation for being very clean and wasn’t involved in the investigation. He’s won most of the races he’s run. It’s a legal matter and Blago can legally appoint him, despite the crazy things he’s done. I think the investigators know they have no evidence that Burris was involved in any of the craziness Blago was trying to sling. If they did, they would have stopped it by now with real facts.

  • Guywithglasses

    i’m wild busy today but I had to respond to this.

    I like Roland Burris. Hes qualified for the position and a very competent man, but hubris is what is hindering everyone from appointing him the seat.

    First question I asked myself is, how can I trust a man appointed by a crook? Then I thought during the Blago fiasco, blago might have appointed Burris as his one real appointment as a way to say “the allegations are all false and I wasn’t shopping the seat”. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for this fiasco and Blago was shopping around the seat, Burris might not have been appointed. Blago would have sold it to the highest bidder, and since Burris didn’t play that game he would have missed out. But since Burris was clean, Blago used him to give off the hint of innocence.

    I don’t Blame Burris for any of that. Where I do find him at fault is his self proclimation that “I am the senator from ill-noize”. Actually no you aren’t Ronny, you only have one signature, and need another one. The sensible move would have been him to chill out and ask for a private investigation to clear him of any wrong doing, and at that point he would be ready to serve. But naw, this negro wanted to be seen and heard and got kicked out of the senate like a drunk underage girl at a house party.

    At the end of the day, I think he might have been ok to get the seat if he just fell back and asked for his name to be cleared. However, since he wanted to thug out the appointment people have a bad taste in their mouth and will most likely vote against him.

    I say all of that to say, good luck buddy.

  • Magster

    I have to say that I agree with guywithglasses….I just don’t feel good about a person taking this seat that was appointed by a crook. Blag knew exactly what he was doing and it’s unfortunate that Burris is caught in the middle, regardless of the fact that he is qualified to fill the position. From my vantage point, whether he gets it or not will be questionable. And if it does work in his favor….good luck trying to work with the Democrats who are not feeling this whole mess Blag has created.

    God Speed Yo!

  • Kenrya. That was great!! Burris needs to let it go…

  • i’ve been on the fence about Burris – the goal is good, but the road travelled to get there is wrong, plus his ability to capably represent his constituency is gonzo – he’s an older guy so i can see how he saw this as his last brass ring and he went for it.. too much ego

  • Ricki

    Burris is taking the gig because the people of IL would never elect him. LOL

  • Yahaira

    Word, Roland? LOL
    Loved it! he needs to let it go.