Condi Rice on “The View”

Now she can be “normal” and admit that she loves “American Idol” aka mainstream swill-Ugh- and finally admit that their were no weapons of mass destruction. First question from Babs, essentially after hello of course: ‘Is the lack of weapons of mass destruction your greatest regret from the Bush administration?’

“History will really determine what were the good calls,” (or something like that…) said Condi.

Interesting. I hate her less no that she’s no longer in the “Bush Administration”…but I still blame her for alot of shenanigans that went on in the last eight years. How can I not, right?

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  • Guywithglasses

    weapons of mass destruction was colin. she was brought in on the second term to clean up the mess, but it ain’t fair to blame her.

    shes hot tho.