Kanye’s Inauguration Performance + Mullet (sigh…)

So here’s Kanye West’s performance at the Service Nation Ball with MTV- the performance is good, it’s a medley of including some of my faves like “Good Life.” It’s the black man mullet that I can’t support. Look closely ladies, because a man with this haircut WILL try to kick it to you in the near future and we will all blame Kanye. lol…Also, Bobby V beeped (below…). He wants his trend re-hash back…

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  • mullet…i called it the shag nouveau. ralph tresvant used to rock one back during the “is this the end” days. and since kanye always hollering about people jocking his style, i think he owes billy ocean a check for stealing his fashion and hairdo.

  • jbaker

    @ Asha….perhaps you are remembering this…


  • didn’t remember that but it’s obvious and funny.