Morning Coffee: 1.22.09

Meet your new Belvedere Vodka spokesman…Young Jeezy! Shot by Terry Richardson in a politically themed campaign, we guess that they were playing “My President Is Black” while shooting.  Do we like? Jamie Foxx (Belve’s former resident black vodka guy) is somewhere mad right now. {WH}

Caroline Kennedy is dropping her bid to replace Hillary Clinton in the NY Senate, citing concerns over her uncles health. NY Governor David Patterson is somewhere letting out a long sigh of relief. {NYTimes}

Oh Sarah Palin. Girl. Don’t you know you are supposed to be in Alaska, trying to run the state and see if you can still “see Russia from your house” instead of attacking the media for talking about your kids….the ones you dragged around the country when you were running for Vice President? {HuffPo}

Another great effect of the Obama administration? The changing perception of the black family. They are like the Huxtables, but without that oh-so-unreal Brooklyn brownstone. I still bet you that Michelle has the same ‘do rag from Chicago. Real Talk.  {CNN}

Sorry ladies for the late coffee…we are still getting back on track after recovering from one hell of a weekend! (agreed- Steels! =0)

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  • timm

    The Jeezy campaign is lame.It’s equivalent to printing up a bootleg “Barack Is My Homeboy” tee shirt and putting rhinestones on the lettering. I’m from the school of thought that it’s better to have have Blackness associated with achievement and dignity as opposed to selling dope.

  • GVG

    Loved the last quote from Barbara McKinzie

    She didn’t need to look at the Inauguration Day festivities to see a vibrant black family.

    “It’s not new, but it appears new,” she says. “The president and his wife and children are not a novelty in the African-American community.

    “It’s the only family I’ve known in my life.”

    That’s always been the black I knew and was raised by too.

    P.S. Does anyone know if it’s true that Michelle Obama is an AKA?

    P.P.S. Can’t wait for my Spell check to have Obama included and not do that damn underline thing everytime I write it.

  • Re: Michelle AKS status: She’s honorary, but the way they went about it was not 100 percent. They approached a member from her camp, Michelle never officially agreed, but said that she would be open to accepting invitations from other organizations as well. Perhaps it was misinterpreted because the next thing you know, the AKAs were promoting it that she was an a new member…

  • M. Reed

    Michelle Obama is not an honorary AKA. She has not been inducted