NEW JAM: Damm D (you’ll thank us, we promise…)

So this Damm D “Love Me” is a Texas song that I couldn’t escape when I was in Louisiana for a wedding during the Christmas holiday. Texas and Louisiana are musical cousins and the jams flow from state to state. This is why I couldn’t get away from “The Stanky Legg” and now that jawn is on “106 & Park.” Funny because everyone in NYC clowned me, but watch that joint be the next soulja boy. The bf calls it “the derty jersey”- but I’m convinced he made that mess up. ANYWAY…


ps. my god if the “stanky legg” isn’t catchy…lol.

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  • and the dancehall remix will be called “da skanky legg”. asha’s saying it here first, lol. i can see the video now. elephant man will do it, of course, and he’ll transition from “the sweep” to “da skanky legg”. ’nuff niceness.

  • jbaker

    remember that joke about “your teeth so yellow they put the sun out of business”……yeah…..but yeah, i’ll dance to this after a few..or 5 drinks.