Say It Ain’t So! A.Keys x Swizz Beatz = Sigh…

You know we don’t really gossip much here on PLR and we support our fave artists- you know, Fantasia’s right to sweat, Keyshia’s right to make a bad album, Whitney’s right to be toothless in the J Records offices- but this one, even we were surprised.
It’s long been the rumor that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were dating, though he was married to singer Mashonda. I even heard it from an inside source during Christmas. Apparently, A. Keys does alot of creeping, but that’s not a reason to judge her. She’s a grown woman with needs like you or I. But a married dude? Alicia…I’m disappointed. Check out audio clip of Mashonda spilling the tea:

thx SSRC!

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    THIS MADE ME SO SAD =O[ not like i know either of them, but i expected more…

  • jbaker

    i’m dissappointed in her eye-makeup in that picture…sadly more than her involvement in this mess.

  • ditto jb. creeping is so not news anymore…but walking out the door with a fashion fair face? come on now ms. keys! you shoulda known better.

  • cam

    swizz beatz tho? *sigh