We Ain’t Meant to Survive, ‘Cause It’s a Setup…

Is it just me, or did things go from bad to worse after Barack Obama won the election? With each passing week, the news shows have added yet another branded crisis to the roundup for the talking heads to opine on for hours on end, and folks are growing more and more worried about the future. Tell me: Am I the only one who thinks B.O.’s being setup?
Need examples? Well, take the economy (please). Already in a yearlong downward spiral, the U.S. (and by extension, the world) took an excruciating turn as we closed out the year with the largest drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since the Great Depression. Bump all the debate about where Obama should start; it will be difficult, but this is definitely the first mess he needs to clean up. Check out his plan here.
And the auto industry’s crap really hit the fan after November 4th, when the Big Three automakers visited the Hill for the second time. Yup, these companies begged for money to keep their factories open out one side of their mouths, while they used the other side to brief the oil lobbyists on how to help them keep oil king.
And then there’s Israel. The United States is once again showing its colors, continuing to send weapons to this made-up country, even as the military kills hundreds of innocent people in Gaza. Pretty ironic for a nation that includes the following phrase in it’s founding declaration: “We extend our hand to all neighbouring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighbourliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation.” But what can be expected from a nation that has enjoyed the U.S.’s unconditional support for years as it has waged war with the surrounding countries for…what? And everyone is looking to Obama for a comment, a plan. Wisely, he has kept his mouth shut so far, but what on earth will he say when he takes over the reins? With Israeli Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel at his elbow, I’m honestly not holding out hope for him speaking the tough truth.

So what should we do? Well, if you feel the way I feel about Israel bombing Gaza, um, I guess you can contact the President-Elect, as well as your representatives—good luck with that. As for the other stuff, I’ll just ask you to do the same stuff I asked for both before and right after the election: be easy. Don’t make a Magical Negro out of B.O., give him some time to work things out, understand that he is just one man and don’t operate out of fear. Hold him accountable, yes, of course, but know that magic wands only exist in the world of Harry Potter, and last I checked, Barack didn’t speak with an adorable British accent.

What do you think?


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  • Guywithglasses

    He won’t fail, because instead of trying to address all of these issues at once, hes tackling one issue, then introducing something else. Hes deflecting some attention from the bailout, Israel, Iran, to things like closing Gitmo and a infastructure bill.

    Things are stacked up against my man right now, but hes cunning enough to find creative ways to get the public to trust that he’ll fix them in time.

  • Van

    I think that Barack and his family was fully aware of the hardships he would encounter as President of the United States. Now, as President-Elect, they are putting it to him hard!

    I consider myself to be a realist and I have to believe the more that is thrown his way, he will find a way to combat it all with brain power and sheer will! No matter what, God is still in control (corny I know, but I believe it!!)

    Yes, we must hold him accountable, but we must at the same time understand that he has inherited a mess and he will be pushed on many occassions, just because of the man he is. . .

    Patience and fortitude is what is needed most in these times if we are to believe that Change will Come!

  • Tahad

    I believe B.O should not be held accountable, we as a people, that say we welcome him, should be accountable. The people should stand up for once, as a nation against the dark evil intent to destroy a nation of people, whether it’s our own or another. U.S army soldiers have a mind and choice to say, No! today Mr. general we will not carry out your evil plan of destruction and genocide. We should say hell No! America, your not going to make us believe that you have that much power, that you can cause a depression with your phony monopoly money and crash our market. It is all an illusion and when America wakes the hell up and take the blind fold off they will, as all powerful nations in the past, rise up and give no more power to the devil. if we as a people stop using their guns, stop using their authority, we will be better off and they will be powerless. Defeat them unmercifully and claim back our land from which they stole. It was all a dream! then I woke back up to hellish, Hellenistic reality.

  • R. H.

    I don’t think it is a set up but The media is kinder to certain administrations than others. When Bush is in office, they really did not report how bad it was. Everything was sugar coated and they kept the televisions swamped with Brittney’s insanity and Paris Hilton’s crouch. They wanted the American People to feel content with their president. After all Bush had the support of Fox.

    I don’t think the media are as supportive of Obama. It has always been bad. It is only now that they are reporting news that are relevant.

    Tahad, I agree with you to a certain extent. I don’t understand why Palestine is standing alone. Where are their allies?

  • BLove

    I agree with R.H. But in a way, a lot of the media’s efforts seem to contribute to a “set-up” feel. Still, I believe Pres-Elect Obama knew exactly what he was getting into. Honestly, since when have we NOT had to work harder?! He’s no fool. But at the end of the day, it’s still bigger than him. He’s one man. We all have to put in some work and A LOT of prayer– especially for Pres-Elect Obama and his family!

  • Kalshaelia Brown

    Fk’d up economy yes, set up no. The way things are now and have been for awhile it would not have matter who won the election they all have their work cut out for them. As long a he tackles each issue individually he’ll end up on top.

    Hey Boo!!!