Beyonce x “Video Phone”=Total Fierceness!

Since we pretty much know the formula for the Beyonce as Sasha Fierce music video collection (3 girls, ponytails, stilettos and a leotard – yawn.), I love to see when people just take things into their own hands. Check out what happens when this crew of dancers “remixes” Bey’s “Video Phone”. There is just too much fierceness in this video for just one take. Must.Watch.On.Repeat.

Ps. Blondie kills it.


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  • Aileezee

    I don’t even like that song. Until now. Pardon me while I start shopping for some fuschia tights and a tu-tu.

  • Steely D

    omg- i love it! and on the low, i think the short haired blonde girl is the dancer from usher’s tour and beyonce’s shows no?

    The snap at the end = best part. it’s so “the way you make me feel” from mike jackson

  • Guywithglasses

    men in heels = mega fail

  • Mahogs

    Not mad at this at all. Audition tape for next Beyonce video?

  • i am doing that snap move for the rest of the week.