Joke of The Day, But Not Really? A-Rod does Details


Our buddy ‘Dre over at Detail’s has some explaining to do. Although I know that this image is a dream come true for a select group of friends. I can just imagine his manager talking him into this shot, the word “edgy” was overused, I promise you. Check out the rest of Alex Rodriguez’s “dirty” little Details Mag shoot and article here.

Thanks Terita!

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  • Sportie

    why is this farkin article by somebody named jason gay?kill me now. seriously. LMAO

  • Steely D

    FTR- these photos made it to the 5 o’clock news on channel 7 – that’s ABC in NYC WHOA. AND i still think it makes him look like a third world prostitute… where’s alice braga? did anyone else see that movie that I can’t recall the name of? hm…