Sex Drive: Naked Pics on Myspace Lead to Sex Offense Charges

2416157647_b10a35257bThe more I think about the shit I did when I was fourteen and what teens are capable of these days with access to the internet, the more my desire for children shrinks. A fourteen-year-old in Trenton, NJ may is facing criminal charges after posting close to 30 nude photos of herself on Technically she’s a child pornographer, and she could have to register as a sex offender if she’s convicted.
While there has been some hullabaloo over teens “sexting” or sending sexually suggestive pics of themselves and others to each other via their high-tech cell phones (meanwhile I just got my first phone that’s capable of taking pics four days ago), this seems to be the first child porn case based on a teen posting nude pics on a social network.

I bet this girl feels really crunchy already, but if she gets convicted she’s going to have to register as a sex offender no matter where she goes and that’s gonna suck. And it’s really not going to be hot when she has to explain to her kids’ (if she decides to have kids of course) school board why she’s on the registered sex offenders list.

“Yes, I’m a sex offender, but only because I placed nude pictures of myself on MySpace when I was underage.” Crunch!!

I just want to tell her to chill out. You’ve got plenty of time to be a slut in your twenties. And it’s way more fun when you can legally drink alcohol and you don’t feel weird buying condoms at your neighborhood pharmacy anymore.

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  • Well frankly its obvious she is a slut and there is no hope for her but you dont need to be encouraging kids to drink. Im tired of my friends telling me how “fun” it is. Anything that gives you a hangover are causes you to crash your vehicle isnt REALLY fun. For gods sake why dont you just say “hey kids, go snort some coke.” I do agree on how her life may be ruined by this. I thini they should make her THINK she is on the sex offender list for a while so she truley understands the consaquinces but can you really hold someone for what they did when they were 14? You can but it doesnt seem fair. I lost my virginity at that age and I wish I could take it back now. Im with someone that truley deserves to share that experience and I cant give her it because some whore who ended up a druggy had my convinced I loved her. Thanks for reading if you got this far.