Vogue Breaks Record: First Michelle Obama… Now Beyonce!


Whoooo times are a changing!!!  I can remember when Naomi Campbell was the token woman of color for Vogue–repeatedly.  Now the magazine has TWO black women on their cover back-to-back…only one month apart!  What is going on?  Are women of color selling covers now?  For years, it was an understanding that black people just couldn’t sell mainstream covers.  Has this shifted or are we only counting down the select “approved” list?   Who is slated to run in May?  Oprah?

How far will things go, here?  Does Christina Milian  have a chance?  Gabby Union perhaps?

Here’s a list of women who unfortunately would NEVER make the cover of Vogue (Obama-nation or not)

1)  Serena Willians (love her, but they would never go for it…unless it was their last issue and they had nothing to lose)

2) Whoopi Goldberg (I think you can figure that one out yourselves)

3) Mariah Carey (she could have had a chance pre Tommy Mottola break-up, but now she’s reached the point of no return)

4) Queen Latifah (Cover Girl COSMETICS, yes.  Vogue Cover Girl, no)

5) Janet Jackson (too much junk in the trunk when not on tour.  Besides, the Jacksons = Freak show these days.

6) Angela Bassett (maybe she had a chance around the time of “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, but unfortunately she has fallen off and her lackluster performance on “Notorious” was no help)

7) Alfre Woodard (one of my personal favorites, but Vogue is not ready for the REALness)

8) Whitney Houston (crack is wack and will never get you a Vogue cover.  Veneers or not!)

Thoughts, ladies?

-Mahogs (with contributions from D. Fundollahz)

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  • Steely D

    damn…i chalk this up to Vogue finally realizing that they only cater to upper eastside old white women and trying to tap into that younger market. I said the same, “er?” when Wintour put Blake Lively from my beloved “Gossip Girl”- Vogue and TeenBeat share cover starlets now? Hm…

  • Justmytwocents

    Vogue will feature black women on the cover…American Vogue on the other had is somehting else. I have to disagree with the article’s author about not Queen Latifah or Janet Jackosn not being placed on the cover for having “to much junk”. Let’s not forget that they did feature Jennifer Hudson the year she won her Oscar (will wonders never cease!).

    Frankly, I’m quite surprised it took them long enough to feature Beyonce on the cover. Although it’s a shape issue. There’s a fashination with thinness and body’s like Beyonces seem to be an anomoly. The reality is only 5% of women in American have a naturly thin model frame. I hate the misconception that white women do not have curves. They do, however, larger black women still have more beautiful shapely bodies. We weren not meant to look like boys. That’s my two cents.