Afternoon Tea 4.16.09

My boyfriend is gonna want this bike. {NYT}
Someone made Barack and Michelle Obama action figures. Look out G.I. Joe. {G}
And Obama set off for Mexico today to meet with President Felipe Calderon and to pledge his support for Mexico’s war on drugs. As long as Mexico doesn’t start making crazy drug propaganda posters and videos.{BBC}
If you’re into dubstep, you’re probably gonna want this new totally free dubstep documentary Living Inside the Speaker. {XLR8R}
Speaking of Obama, he just unveiled a plan for highspeed trains! Do you understand how AWESOME that would be for travel? From NYC to WC in like two hours? Perfection. [CNN]

It’s warm outside and Bobbi Is “Shake[in] that Ass” to Team Facelift & Armand Van Helden. Ask sombody! Thanks RCRDLBL.

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  • GuywithGlasses

    that bike is dope, but seems a little too fashionable and might not be able to handle the dirty streets of nyc.