Flow Chart: The First 100 Days

Not sure how you feel about Obama’s first 100 days in office? Don’t worry: My handy-dandy flow chart will analyze some of the major events so far and help you figure out where you stand!

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Where did you come out on the flow chart? Tell me all about it!


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  • Joelle


  • Diane

    Vetting appointees should never ‘fall through cracks’ – and letting a tax evader run the IRS is wrong (and I snicker knowing his $1.6mil tudor in Larchmont is still not sold).

    You cannot just pull out troops. You must have a bit of an orchestrated effort of leaving the place a little secure – and that takes time and effort.

    Bailing out favorites whilst letting others falter is just, well, DC. Too bad they’ve expanded this past the Beltline.

    Stimulus ‘money’ is a joke. So much so I’ve changed my W4 to ensure what I got back this year, is what I get back next year. Rather than OWING the freakin Govt. So in my eyes, there is no stimulus. I saw my ‘new pay’ and made sure I got it back to the old pay. Everyone should do the same – or you’ll owe. Work the figures, plug them into the calculators.

    But hey – we paid $328,000 to have a lower Manhattan Fly by – and I haven’t seen any heads roll over that as yet.

    And swine flu – like I trust the CDC to really tell us what’s going on – and then – right, who will first get Tamiflu and Relenza (I think that’s the other one)? Let’s see, inside the Beltline… ppfffttt

    Maybe he shouldn’t be speaking tonight. I mean, 100 days isn’t that long especially in light of all that’s been going on. Plus it’s LOST night (and last week was a repeat of sorts) – so unless he keeps it short (which he isn’t known for), I am mad. ABC will show the speech – Fox already said no and is airing AI. I wish ABC would follow suit… Just so you know my priorities… HA (Actually it’s my bro’s 50th…)

  • julie

    US skips conference on Racism, WTF???

  • Hey Julie! Check this out: http://parlourmag.wpengine.com/?p=12778

  • Steely D

    hm- I see your beef Diane- but that stimulus got me a cobra supplement to the tune of 65% which means my healthcare bills – as an “unemployed” is less than $30/month. That’s fucking amazing. I love barack even more now than I did before because he’s made it possible for me to get a pill for a yeast infection or pay for birth control- the Nuvaring is MADD expensive! – do you know how big of a deal that is? So I see your point about your paycheck remaining on the skimpy side, but at least you have a paycheck, eh?

  • ak

    i think 100 days is too soon to determine anything besides how effective the white house spin machine is (very) and how impotent the gop is right now. obama is a brilliant centrist with progressive sauce on top. as a symbol, he’s powerful. as a change-agent–eh.

    still, i think it’s a positive to have so many folks engaged and tracking his policies. and damn if those girls aren’t the shit.

  • ak

    and another thing: kenrya is bomber than vietnam. you’re my favorite columnist!

  • Diane

    @SteelyD – I’m glad to hear there’s positives with the stimulus. I just didn’t like the forcing of monies that would have me PAYING in 2010. I urge you to play with the calculators. I understand it sounds great now – and could be great – but would you be upset if you do taxes and find you owe the Feds hundreds? That’s what happened with me.

    And all my rants are cushioned with: I am thrilled to have a job I like! I am thrilled I chose to move out of NY, get a lower-paying job, and still afford my first home (though it’s lost a ton of value…). I’m optimistic the US can muddle through this economic downturn and come out better (if not #1 in the world). And I’m still behind Obama – who really is one man – and cannot be expected to correct all the stuff that needs correcting.

    I’ll end with a snicker: Timmy G’s house cannot sell at $1.6mil… so he’s trying to rent it for $7500 a month. It’s a fairly easy NYC commute from Larchmont. 😛 If he rents it, I hope he knows how to incorporate rental income into his taxes…

  • krankin

    @ak: I agree; judgment at 100 days is a joke. And, thanks for loving my column, yay! BTW, I love your blog (http://smallmediumlarge.wordpress.com/).

  • julie

    jbaker, i agree 100% with the post on http://parlourmag.wpengine.com/?p=12778.
    by not showing up we’re ignoring the problem, not trying to speak up and solve it!

  • Tahad

    Two words; uncle Tom. One image, Puppet. Job well done; More war. His gift of gabby, incredible. Profile; Star status. Not one promise filled. One Great achievement; above all, the first black President!