Jill Scott Welcomes Jett Hamilton Roberts

YAY! Jilly from Philly is now officially someone’s mother. Aw…She gave birth to Jett this past Monday (4.20 Baby!) morning and everyone’s healthy. =0)


image via freshplay

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  • Ms G.

    Congrats to her and her family! I love her new show on HBO, The No. 1 Women’s Detective Agency. The scenery alone is breathtaking and I’m always in a better mood after I watch it.

  • Dom

    Congrats to Jilly from Philly (I couldnt resist)! Her show is awesome and I am a bit obsessed with the accents!

    Hopefully this will inspire the entertainment industry to put more $ into black projects.

  • congrats mama jill and hubby. welcome baby jett.