JokeOfTheDay: Halle Berry Does the…Halle Berry

OK remember when I told ya’ll about the “Stanky Legg” in December, pre-video and national acclaim? Well, I also told folks about the “Halle Berry” on twitter and…they laughed at me. Well, guess what!?! Halle Berry appeared on the talk show, Ellen, and she DID THE DANCE! I don’t know why, but I find this hilarious. If anyone’s up for the “Steely D”…I mean, just holler.

The ‘real’ Halle Berry after the jump – you’re welcome!

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  • here we go again with some more coonfoolishness. how many songs are gonna come out with the exact same beat and a lame ass dance? yes, it does incorporate a little vogueing, if you’re reaching, but why’d you have to squat down like that and go all knocked kneed? i’m getting…no, i am too old for this shit, lol.