JudgementCall: Madcon = Bad Video vs. Good Song?

Now let’s begin by saying that I realize that this video is awful…BUT, what do you ladies think of the song, “Beggin'”? I like it, kinda a cross between Mark Ronson’s work and Raphael Saadiq’s last CD if I liked it better.


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  • GuywithGlasses

    I heard they will be on Gakcity.com next week. I’ll judge them then.

    I wouldn’t say the video is bad, its just “different”. I liked the song better in that adidas commercial.

  • Joelle

    The video doesn’t do anything for the song. However, the Adidas commercial featuring the song “Beggin” did more promotion for this song than its own video!!

    But the song is good and you can’t overlook that… unlike the video. LOL!!!

  • l _Prolific

    I think i liked it better in the Jersey Boys Play