Keira Knightley Domestic Violence PSA Banned for….Violence?

It seems that Domestic Violence PSA that “Atonement” director Joe Wright and actress Keira Knightly created for UK charity Women’s Aid has been banned for being too violent. I never knew that getting your ass-beat by your lover ever had a rating system, but since it was destined to be shown in television and theaters around the country, maybe some execs didn’t want you to get a buzz-kill before seeing “Hannah Montanna”?  See for yourself:


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  • i totally understand why they went for the shock effect. but i don’t think that people would disagree that that woman needs to get out of that relationship and then be there to support her. the problem is that dv does not have to look like that. i think most people would be able to identify more with the person whose s.o. is checking their cell phone. or the one who is afraid that their s.o. will call i.n.s or child welfare on them. or the one whose s.o. takes her public assistance, leaving no money for food. most focus needs to be placed on the abuse that occurs before anyone ever gets hit so maybe it doesn’t escalate to that point. i would say that they should air this psa, along with other ones showing different sides of dv.

  • Steely D

    i agree – i’m for this psa. people need to know what it looks like. also, like asha said, many times it starts with people hits things around the victim and threats of hitting them before actually hitting them…maybe webisodes? probably not, people have to elect to watch those…and they most likely wouldn’t…