Madonna Pulls Out the Airbrush Guns

So this is how Madonna plans to get her new toy baby back…sepia toned, airbrushed images released to the public leading up to her appeal. That little one in her arms is Mercy, who presumably just finished nursing from Madonna’s milky white breast, filled with liquid gold and lavender.  I can’t help but think of that line in Beat Street “it’s so white…it’s so cleeaaan!”


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  • younglao

    Nothing intelligent to say..,Laughing my ass off

  • Joelle

    (Smh)… (smh)…(smh)… Like “younglao” I am trying to be thoughtful and understanding but really all that is going on in my head is “This B**ch is crazy…the airbrushing looks horrid… not one of them black folks in the room look impressed with her… and why is the poor chile with the big hat sitting next to her looking right into the camera?… it’s a little scary and takes me a back… it’s a sign… Madonna is not suppose to be there! Childrens eyes never lie!”

    Outside of the nothing else…

    Well here’s to the appeal!! Can’t wait to see how this unfolds! HAHAHA!