Morning Coffee 4.15.09

Question: Let’s say you’re preggers, would you have a home birth? I just read about the birthing guru in NYMag last week…and now [BBC] says the process is just as safe as a hospital.

OK, this is hard for even me to defend. Somali pirates attacked a ship carrying food to the hungry in Kenya today. The pirates didn’t capture the ship, just beat it up a bit. [G]

XXL puts Eminem on their cover. At one time this would excite me, but honestly, I still haven’t even watched his entire “We Made You” video and I was the one who posted it! Smh. [MTV]

SAMPLE SALES! J. Crew & Madewell [Fashionista]

And we’re back…our server didn’t feel well and took it out on us. Anyway, welcome back!

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  • GuywithGlasses

    both of my parents were born at home.

  • Ms G.

    I had my daughter, my first child, at a hospital. My son, my second child, I had at a birthing center. It was amazing and so much better. Don’t know if I want to have one at home but would never go back to the hospital to have a baby.

  • i had my son in the hospital and if and when i have another, i’d prefer a birthing center or home. actually, my cousin recently started mother nature’s belly, a maternity support services company especially for women of color, which includes midwifery/doula services in addition to a whole host of other services. check out her on FB under mother nature’s belly or on ning under organic brown bellies.