Morning Coffee: 4.28.09

In Brazil, the Rio University Economy Institute has declared that the countries white majority has officially been surpassed by black and mulatto citizens….but hasn’t it always been that way? {Merco}
Designer face masks anyone? Swine flu is here. Remember how chicks in Hong Kong had Burberry ones during the Sars outbreak? {NYT}
Could this economic crisis could have been avoided if more women were in control in the finance world? Me thinks so…you be the judge. {Reuters}
Uh oh! More smashdowns on our beloved Somali pirates. This time Spain g’d up and arrested nine pirates who attacked an Italian cruise ship. {BBC}
Guess what ladies?? We own General Motors!!! I wonder if this means I can get my rear-view mirror replaced for free…or at least an employee discount. {WashPo}

In all seriousness…I really AM looking for a Hello Kitty facemask…a girl has some travel coming up! Holler if you have any links!

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  • lol..would you believe there are sesame facemasks? not as hot as hello kitty but still kinda cute.

  • Aly….you know i know where u live right? can you get me two…PLEASE!!!!

  • lol.. i got you boo..but you gotta post pics of you wearing it around the world ‘bakes and her mask on the great wall of china’, ‘bakes and her mask on the beaches of brasil’ etc, etc