NYMag Betrays Racism?

amber rose

Last week, we posted the above photos of kAMye on the right and heard from the interwebs that they might be ads for Ye’s new Louis Vuitton sneakers. Then I wake up this morning, sniffles and all, to find that NYMag‘s The Cut writer Amy Odell says that 1) the pics aren’t for LV 2) whatever magazine that does publish the pics has “lost its mind.”

“So to answer the question we all asked when we first saw these images, no, Louis Vuitton is not out of its mind. We’re still not sure what the shots are for. We’re guessing some kind of urban magazine like Giant. Unless Vogue has lost its mind.” – Odell

I have issues with Odell’s statements for several reasons. First, the mention of Giant in a condescending tone is a bit much. Especially since NYMag did a photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan almost naked last year and I’m sure that was more risque than many were ready for, not to mention Lohan’s bum is the opening photo. Secondly, the phrase “some kind of urban magazine” sounds like non-urban mags don’t show women half naked, etc. Thirdly, her statement “Unless Vogue has lost its mind” is condescending too. Frankly, I wish – I’m sure Anna Wintour does too – that US Vogue would lose it’s mind. The book would probably sell more issues. Think about 1) how much the mag industry is dying and 2) how many issues American Vogue would sell if they put Kanye and Amber Rose in their Upper East NYC- skewing pages? (c) GQ + Reggie Bush + Kim Kardashian. Exactly.

Anyway, maybe NYMag‘s Odell – whom I’ll be calling to see if maybe me and the four pages of anti-Odell commenters are reading her statements wrong – didn’t mean to sound condesending. Maybe she just doesn’t like Amber Rose, or bare female rumps in American magazines? Who knows. What I do know is her statements read like an unintentionally ironic spoof version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s prelude to “Baby Got Back.” “Oh my god Becky, look at her butt…she looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.” I could put the end of the interlude to really drive it home, but I won’t do that. Not until Odell can explain herself…

Still, not like mainstream mags care if brown people read them, but in this age of crumbling journalism, be careful Odell sez one of the NYMag commenters:

You know, as the days go on, I’m becoming more and more disinterested in NY Mag and its reporters and readers. I once respected your reportings, but as a woman of color I find your recent comments racist and I’m sick of it. I will be canceling my subscription tomorrow.- nmiles

What do you think?

ps. Oh NYMag, you were one of my faves too.

images via Eskay + NYMag

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  • krankin

    Well said, Steels. That ish is ridiculous.

  • This is sickening! I used to love nymag too. They keep harassing me to renew my subscription, but I don’t think I will. I first started having problems with the mag when I noticed it never really featured any people of color. Didn’t they have a 50 most influential issue last year and the only black folks were like Jay Z and some other mega star! And they are so pretentious. I’ve had enough!!!

  • Emeka

    I think the Amber Rose issue is reaching quite a bit as the photoshoot does consist of more flicks than the one of Amber’s Posterior. I do think that the picture skews as braggadocio, why are we or word at large supposed to care about Amber Rose again?
    I Feel like the comment comes from white America’s reluctance to accept Kanye West as a celebrity. A Black Man embraced by a company, who’s mention activates the salivary glands on any sex and the city socialite within earshot, can’t have a rapper, as a spokesperson. Stocks will plummet! They’ll start making larger sizer to accomodate their Rubenesque asses! They’ll start wearing LV (gasp!) in the Hood! So until they find another emaciated coke vaccum to saunter around in the latest LV togs, white women will be shaking in their Speedys awaiting the passing of the “Black Cloud” over Louis Vuitton