ParlourOnTheRadio: I Don’t Want a Job!

This week on  I’m Sayin’ Radio with Chloé and Hillary! (aka Steely D, changed that for the show. *waves hello*) – as the US unemployment rate his 8.5% – we’re talked to folks that don’t want another job, they just want to make money. “When are you going to get a job?” says your mother. The truth is, you don’t want a job but you can’t tell people that. You really want a career and have thought of going it alone rather than punch a clock.
I, for one, would love to keep working from my house. I’m wearing my nightie as I type this *hubba, hubba*. But seriously folks, do you think that America will become a freelance nation? Listen below:

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  • Paul Cantor

    This should be a good one. Number one question i’ve asked potential employers when interviewing, “Do I have to come to the office?” Lol

  • right? im LOVING working from home. With ichat, phone, and email…who needs a cube?

  • excellent show ladies! i’m too jealous that you guys are workin’ in you pjs and not having to deal with all the office b.s. though i can’t make that move just yet (kids, mortgage,etc) i’m setting up the framework from now cuz i really cannot see myself doing the 9-5 for too much longer. thanks for the advice and inspiration…

  • finkies

    really good show this week, and relevant to everyone regardless of current employment situation… i’m one of those lucky people still employed after surviving a large round of layoffs at my company, but can’t help but wonder if and when they’re gonna come for me. what i’ve realized through all of this though is that, regardless of whether i’m employed at my current gig, or at the drive thru window at mcdonalds, i’ll find a way to make ends meet. realizing that you can make it with out a micro-managing boss standing right behind you is not the only way to survive is a wonderful thing!