Ad Attack!: 35…I’m Going 35

When was the last time you actually enjoyed a commercial, outside of the Mother Nature Vitamin Water bits that Bakes talked about recently? I had a hard time remembering one until I found myself googling Orbitz’s new campaign for their 35-pack of gum…I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious. Actually, scratch that, I do know why…the “35” beat is actually good and the rhymes, though branded, crack me up. Good job Orbitz…seriously. Watch what I’m talking about after the jump.

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  • GVG

    Check out the new Dos Equis Ad. I live for this thing.

    “I live vicariously through myself”

  • i like the gamefly commercial that includes a (possibly unintentional) tribute to martin, the burger king star trek glass commercial because the creepy burger king actually looks less creepy as a klingon, and the pepsi max “i’m good” commercial, especially when dude gets hit in his back by the 4×4 and the other one who gets shocked

  • Steely D

    “He…is the most interesting man in the world…he once had an awkward moment, just to see what it feels like…”

    LOL, he reminds me of my Godfather, who to me, really is the most interesting man in the world.

  • Steely D

    @ asha- LMAO at the bad game commercial…and I liked the pepsi max too. you know the other one I always liked this cheetos soccer mom one too: “blah blah blah” lol:

  • i forgot, the sny “ny ny sports sports” commercial in which the cable guy gets beaned for forgetting to focus on the ny teams, especially the mets. and the visa pizza commercial because dude is doing his version of the tony yayo dance while he’s flouring the dough. “hey mambo, mambo italiano!”