Beyonce’s “Ego”

This song makes me giggle…I can’t tell how I feel about this video yet…Hm…

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  • Joelle

    I act gonna lie… I am really likin the choreography to this vid. Sheryl Murakami did her thing and definitely Bey took it to the next level! *thumbs up*

  • yawn.

  • Boring. I saw this already with single ladies. Love the song… and honestly expected more with this video. Bey–if you want to be an actress so bad, why not try practicing on your music videos? We already know that you look great in a leotard and can shake your ass. Next.

  • mahogs, you know that she knows that her talents lie in wearing clothes, shaking her ass and smiling for the camera in that now-tired dreamgirls pose. please, don’t encourage her to start “acting” in her videos. good lord, no! if she must put out videos, encourage her to get new directors and choreographers. the choreography was tight a few videos ago. now, it’s just redundant. the you-tube kids put out more entertaining videos.

  • the song is cute but the vid is a single ladies remix..boooring..her eyes look like she’s high and the weave is wick-wick-wack..should have turned the fan down so we didn’t see so much of her roots