Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat’s ‘Lucky’ + Page’s ‘I’m Still Fly’ Ft. Drake

I feel like VH1 makes me wake up to this song every morning and I appreciate it. Also, here’s a rapper named Page – I believe he’s Canadian, saw him while I was in Holland at the New Skool Rules conference. He was solid. Anyway, here’s his track “I’m Still Fly” ft Drake after the jump.

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  • I like Drake but this song is pure GARBAGE.
    It’s funny how people always play Canadians for being Canadian but in order for rappers from Toronto to be recognized they have to sound exactly like the bullshit that comes out of America; perpetuating the same “I got money, I’m the best, monotonous bullshit that they manufacture here” Page, Drake and K-os all from Toronto. K-os doesnt sound like this and he gets no respect on American radio cause he does something different as you would expect from people from another region and though Toronto is only 8 hours away (driving) they, as far as i know had their own sound up until now. Even Kardinal Offishall had to get with Akon in order to get radio play here when his music was effing solid beforehand.

    Oh well, if you can’t beat em join the bullshit army


    Kardinal (pre American influence)


    ps. I like Jason Mraz