Joke of the Day: Charles Hamilton Decked by MJB’s Daughter

This was the chatter of the weekend. Somewhere in the ether, baby MC Charles Hamilton thought it was a good idea to battle rap Mary J Blige’s stepdaughter, Briana Latrise, and rhyme about their sexual relationship. In the end, she steals on him. Hilarious, but like Miss Info says, I’m glad Hami didn’t hit her back. That said – this situation reminds me of what my sister told me long ago: ‘When you feel a reaction coming on, just do it then so you won’t wonder how things would’ve been different, if you had (insert action here).’


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  • Dom


  • ummm, i try not to advocate violence but dude was foul for bringing up going raw and her having an abortion. i know that all is fair in love and war but that was too far. she should have followed up with a left and knocked his ass out.

  • l _Prolific

    She should have kept coming @ him, brothers like that give men a bad name.. He lloks a little sweet anyway with the pink panther wrapped around his arm.. What exactly is that about ?

  • Niasia

    She should have kept them coming. He was low down and got what he deserved fo sho!

  • Moochie

    She got him right on the chin too…would he be wrong if he hit her back?