JudgementCall: Mayer Hawthorne + Lil Kim’s “Download”

My old college freshmen roomie was in town recently and told me about this cat…so I figured I’d give him a try. Thoughts ladies?

plus: Lil Kim’s “Download” ft T-Pain and Charlie Wilson. Is it me or has this song been out forever…and they’re just releasing the clip? Hm…Also, Kanye smacks Keri’s bum. This is so original…because Justin does it to Ciara…Jay does it to Bey…why is this news again? Hm…

shouts to all the sources…

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  • Joelle

    Uhhh…. ok…. 1.)Mayer Hawthorne cool song… it does get a little annoying with the highest of falsetta notes he hits… but I do like the message in the song. 2.) Lil Kim… on one hand I am happy to see her back out doing music on the other hand I am like really? Are we promoting more online dating, soft porn, or amateur porn? Sorry… my opinion of the phenomenon with cyber sex, sexting, Myspace etc.. lots of people in jail, being stalked, date raped, or just str8 disappointed cause of the over use of this type of lust… 3.) Kanye was eyeing her ass the whole time he was rappin… so he wanted to do it! Plus that slap as punky… I mean if you gonna do it… LOL!!

  • Ricki

    Lil Kim should really retire.

  • charlie wilson should feel shame. lil kim should get fired since she refuses to “retire” or as i call it, stop her foolishness. t-pain…t-pain should continue to make me laugh with his coonfoolery. but someone needs to get that little boy from the pinkett-smith show because he’s too young to downloading the likes of lil kim. gross! and forget about kanye. david letterman was all adrool and trippin’ over his words to invite kerri back.