Morning Coffee: 05.19.09

Sri Lankan authorities declared a final victory in their 26-year war with the Tamil Tigers yesterday by announcing on television that the leader of the insurgents was among 250 fighters killed in their final battle. In most of the reports that I have read on this, the Tamil Tigers have been positioned as evil terrorists, wiped out by big government.  Yet there’s always two sides to every story.  I will never forget a 2005 Rolling Stone M.I.A. interview where she talked about being a part of the Tamil minority and being afraid for her life as women were being raped by army forces. I guess it’s over now. I just wish I could find a balanced story somewhere… [New York Times]
I have always been a fan of NBC anchor Brian Williams–especially after his Saturday Night Live appearance last year.  Now I think I like him even more.  He just launched his own music blog. BriTunes where he writes about some of his favorite indie bands.  On his playlist: The KNUX!!!!  I love it!  [Associated Press]
Even The Donald can’t escape the hurting that the economy is putting on the magazine industry. TRUMP magazine has just joined its fellow printed brethren Portfolio, Stuff, Blender, Domino, King and countless others….in  magazine heaven.  [Gawker]
I guess too many people are leaving home without it. American Express announced yesterday that they are cutting 4,000 jobs.  [Wall Street Journal]

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