NYC: The Mighty Mike Schreiber

NYC Parlouristas, check this out. More than likely if you have ever picked up a copy of XXL, Esquire, Vibe or Trace you have seen the work of lensman Mike Schreiber. I remember seeing his work for the first time when I was a photo intern at The Source, he is def a hip-hop fave. So since I can’t go (im on an island!), why don’t you check out the 12-year retrospective in NYC opening this weekend. It should be a fab set. Check out my favorite portrait of his after the jump…just don’t look too long, you might get knocked up, lol!


Mos Def

Mike Schreiber

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  • hey.
    thanks for the love!
    please note the change of location.
    the show will now be at Dapper Dan’s Imperial Gallery, 139 west 14th st (in Manhattan)
    thanks again for the support (and i loved the “knocked up” line at the end). hilarious!