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Rihanna, Katy Perry and Travie Walk into a Bar…

Hellooooo ladies! Our crazy camera lady, Gina Montana, hit the Cam’ron show this week and filmed some of his hits for you…check it after the jump. Also, here’s Boosie ft Jeezy “Believe It” (thx MissInfo!). Plus, here’s Katy Perry’s “Waking Up In Vegas” after the jump too- it’s only right since she, Rihanna and Gym Class Hero’s Travie were at the bar where Bakes & I got some Cinco de Mayo drizzles [ Travie & Katy are def back on and she is super sweet, well at least while waiting for the bathroom-JBaker ]… Plus, I finally posted Eminem’s “3 AM”…stop acting like you don’t care.

My fave Dipset record, “I Really Mean It”…

“Get Em Girl”…

“Down & Out”…”what the fuck is up, I miss ya’ll mu’fuckas…” sez Cam to crowd.

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  • is em on the 50 work out plan? lol. i used to ride for eminem. now…i reserve my opinion. i will say that i think i’m too old for all of this now.

  • Moochie

    So now I have to add Katy to my death list…damn I like her too….