R.I.P. Octavia Saint Laurent

Octavia Saint Laurent Mizrahi, the original Amanda Lepore in many eyes, passed last Monday after a bout with cancer and was laid to rest here in NYC yesterday. I was supposed to go to the funeral, but a mean resaca and a lack of chic funeral gear grounded moi. Octavia, who I still can’t believe was transgendered, was made famous by her appearance in the legendary documentary, Paris is Burning and will forever be missed.  Peep her film debut and one of her legendary ball appearances after the jump. Absolut Realness.

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  • Fa

    So sad that a star has dimmed.

  • J’alla

    I was able to attend the funeral and I must say, Octavia Saint Laurent’s service was just as heartfelt and larger than life as the diva herself.

    From individual roses being given on cue to members of her family upon their mention during the reading of her Eulogy, a video w photos from some of Octavia’s best photo shoots to an exclusive mastered recording of Octavia singing the song “God’s Command,” that she especially made to have played at her funeral, love and fabulocity overcame the room. Octavia’s mother, brother and sister also shared memories about Octavia and her passion for her activist work in the LGBT which shed an insightful and personal light on the performer and model.

    Octavia’s funeral brought family, friends and generations of legendary children from all over the ball scene such as Kevin Aviance and many others together leaving mere standing room only.

    Even in transition, Octavia looked beautiful. Dressed in pink and white and with flawless makeup, the service closed with attendees strolling to take their final views of her to the legendary ball track “Love is the Message.”

    RIP Octavia Saint Laurent.

  • opie

    I am a childhood friend, and ijust found out today. I had lost contact with the family, but I am saddened by Octavia’s passing. I was juat thinking about the family last week. I know octavia will be missed, the gusto for life. I would love to send my condolences to the family. Joy keep your head up,and johnny remember all the good times,along with the not so good times, cause it makes a whole picture of your lives together which was filled with love.

  • Sharon Reineke

    I never got a chance to meet her or say goodbye….I just found out today that she passed away, I’ve lost a dear & close myspace friend, it may take a while to get over this & to get out of denial….I miss her so much but can’t wait till I get to heaven so I can see her & spend time with her!! Octavia will be greatly missed by all who love her….Goodbye Octavia St. Laurent, you will be greatly missed….I love you & will see you when I get to my heavenly home!!!!

  • I remember being introduced to Octavia via the documentary Paris is Burning. I thought that it was sad that such a beautiful person yearned for so much without seeming to get it. Looks like she grabbed for it and got a good share of life. I didn’t know her but she seemed so sweet and personable on camera. I am so sorry to hear of Octavia’s passing. I remember looking for her two years ago and being so pleased that she was still here, alive, only to find out 2 years later that she passed away shortly after I looked her up 2 years ago. My condolences to her family and friends. I am a white boy in Cali and she touched my life a long time ago, I didn’t know her but she will be with me until I pass.

  • Octavia was one the most beautiful human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my entire life. Trust me the inside was just as gorg as the outside. I wish she could have hung around a little longer, this world would have been better for it.

  • Actually, while a light has gone out of the world, the heavens are a little brighter. RIP Octavia.