The Shop: Taking Off

By the time you read this, I will be in the air on my way to some place warmer, sexier, and more soulful than NYC…packing my “carry-on only” bag was a joy in itself (more like weightlifting) but I always manage to include my international essentials:

1] …For those chilly flights and cool nights.
“Himalaya” Scarf | $38 | French Connection

2] …Take a well-deserved break from stilettos!
“Golden Sun” Slim Flip Flops | $17.25 | Havaianas

3] …A fun clutch for that much needed night on the town.
“Stars” Foldover Clutch | $153 | Moyna

4] …What is a holiday without memories?
Powershot G10 Digital Camera | $415 | Canon

5] …Gotta Have It!
Stripe Passport Holder | $16 | Flight 001

6] …Never count on “shopping bags”, always bring your own tote!
Floral Tote | $230 | Marc by Marc Jacobs

7] …A holiday staple…bring 4
White Layering Tank | $8.50 | Old Navy

8] …The perfect day-to-night silhouette
“Trinity” Knit Dress | $34.50 | Delias

9] ...Gotta have MY tunes wherever I am…
“On Stage II” Speaker iPod Dock | $127 | JBL

10] …Like the LBD…but better!
Parrot Bikini | $50 | TopShop

11] …Self explanatory!
“Mongolian Gazelle” Sunglasses | $93 | WESC

12] …It never hurts to entice all senses, and freshen up your hotel room on holiday
“Walk of Shame” Candle | $15 | A Scent of Scandal

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  • Havaianas are the perfect break from the heels for summertime. Thanks for posting them. I own 2 dozen of them and when I don’t wear them I put them inside of my boots to help hold up the shape and conserve space in my tiny studio!

  • I went to a friend’s wedding on the beach in Malibu and she gave everyone a pair of Havaianas to wear! How Lovely!!

  • Ricki

    When did Delia’s start opening stores? I used to order from them when it was catalog only…or at least in Cali it was catalog only.

  • Ricki

    That Parrot bikini is hot, but how many sistas can wear that Parrot on their backside? Not this one for sure.

  • I love lists like this, I’m taking a trip tomorrow, and it just reminded me to pack some tanks!!!

  • @Ricki – the parrot is hot, but even without it, a black bikini or cutout 1-piece is a great summer staple and always looks fly on any body type. I will tell you a trick: with bikinis, always get a string bottom, this way you can loosen it to avoid creating an extra “roll” at the hip, lol! i am a perfect size 9/10 WITHOUT a washboard stomach but this always works.

    wait…im on vacation…BYE LADIES!