I remember having a conversation with one of my fave writers, dream hampton, and we were talking about the personalities of the artists in this thing we call music. She said something like ‘these artists have always been crazy, like dudes like Sam Cooke, he was a crazy muthafucka. It’s just what the public got to see was him all pulled together but back stage…’ I thought about it, and I had to agree with her, kinda like looking at Billie Holiday or Josephine Baker’s careers. Clearly, both of those chicks were off their rockers, but we love them anyway, don’t we. So in support of the crazy, here’s Sam Cooke for this week’s throwback, the Gospel singer-turned-secular sex god of the 1950s.

ps. Cooke died after being shot to death by a South Central LA motel owner? Says he was angry looking for a woman he’d checked into the motel with- so the owner shot him? hm…sketch.


^^ lol…

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  • Joelle

    Awesome! Because of this post, I did more research on Sam Cooke’s life…. very interesting… sad and unfortunate death… but it is truly apart of real life!!

  • While Sam was no angel, the good he left us with (musically, professionally and personally), far outweighed the bad.

    An as for your p.s., more information surrounding his death can be found in my book ( or in an article I had to addendum:


    Erik Greene
    Author, “Our Uncle Sam: The Sam Cooke Story From His Family’s Perspective”