2009 BET Awards: Pass or Fail?

Jamie Fox + Beat It + pants, belt and glove = WIN!

Sigh. Here we go.

The BET Awards, aka the “Jamie& NeYo Salute Michael Jackson Revue” went down last night, and while there were some touching moments, the fails in the production did not go unnoticed. So instead of giving you a blow-by-blow (because I refuse to relive that anymore), here are some pass/fail highlights in no particular order. Let the step-n-fetch games begin.

New Edition…including Bobby Brown + The Jackson 5 = WIN!

Beyonce + “Ave Maria” + Thiery Mugler + A room of people who had no idea at what was going on = FAIL.

Nichele Nichols & Zoe Saldana = WIN.
Zoe telling the entire world that Nichele was in the bathroom = SUPER DISRESPECTFUL FAIL.

Mary Mary + God + the “A Milli” beat = WIN. Wonder why they didn’t show any celebs rocking to them in the crowd? Hmmmm. Btw, “God In Me” BANGS!

Ciara + bad lace-front wig glue + singing = FAIL. A dance tribute would have been waaaay better.

Keri Hilson + MJ breakdown tribute = Honorable Mention.

Taraji P Henson, Tyrese, Ving Rhames + Baby Boy + Bad Method Acting = FAIL.

NeYo + “Lady of My Life” = surprising WIN.

The O’Jays + saaangin! + Eddie Levert saying “…dancing ‘n’ shit” LIVE = ULTIMATE WIN!

Trey Songz, Tyrese, Johhny Gill + O’Jays tribute = hairless chest WIN!

Bell, Biv DeVoe + Keith Sweat = (sorta) WIN. Teddy Riley & GUY = CRAZY STUPID ULTIMATE WIN!!!

Drake + Lil Wayne + Lil’ Wayne’s daughter + Tiny’s daughter and friends on stage while they perform “Every Girl In The World” = SAD, SAD, FAIL. The Cash Money performance afterwards? WTF FAIL.

Maxwell + well, just about anything = WIN!

Jay Z + D.O.A  + really great leather jacket = WIN.

Janet Jackson = GRACEFUL WIN.

So what are your thoughts on the show? You think MJ was looking down with a smile?

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  • I actually enjoyed the show as a whole, and I’ve NEVER said that about a BET awards show. Janet made me cry, got tired of seeing Jamie perform, didn’t mind seeing NeYo perform because of all the young cats they tried to mix with the old dudes, he was the only one who held his own. (Booo=Trey Songz trying to mix it up with Johnny Gill.) Also, I almost felt bad for Keyshia Cole with Monica killed her on her own song. Almost. The best parts for me were when they brought out the old school acts—New Edition (including Bobby looking and acting a mess, but surprisingly getting the steps down), Guy, Keith Sweat (!). I couldn’t help but wonder if he kids watching knew who the hell they were. Oh, and jbakes, did the ads over the stage kill you, too?

  • Kenrya! I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THE ADS…i just can’t – those ads were just tacky and a visual sign of vulnerable the BET Awards property really is.

  • Steely D

    I was there and I have to say:

    1) the “Baby Boy” set was a welcome wake up call because, honey, after the O’Jays…the audience was zzzzzzz…Only problem was, who knew what Ving Rhames was saying!

    2) I HATED Beyonce’s 2nd grade art project dress. Single Ladies heffer or at least an MJ tribute…she could’ve done “Man in the Mirror” or “Heal the World” and brought up a bunch of kids…something! You’re the best entertainer of our generation, entertain me dammit!

    3) Jamie showed us a trailer for a Shenanah and Wanda movie – did you guys get to see that? It looks like it’s gonna be a HOT MESS. Hilarious, but a HOT mess…

    4) I thought Trey Songz was the better of the two newbies to the party…Tyrese however, while he sounded good, wasn’t “hitting” his steps like I wanted him to. Boo.

    5) TEVIN CAMPBELL!!!! Does no one else care about this? He’s been off, being gay in hiding since at least like 2000, and tonight he showed up! This was a big delight to me, if no one else.

    6) I understand that Jay has a new single out and all, but I think it was wack that he didn’t do a least his verse from “Butterflies” or “H to the Izzo” – come on duke. Pay tribute!

  • JC

    Was the movie clip for real? I thought it was a joke trailer.

  • let me start by saying that i’ve never posted so much and so fast on FB before last night. i really should get on twitter but that’s another story.

    1. johnny gill and trey songz were a fail for me. johnny had the serious crazy eyes. and one of my FB friends asked why he was screaming at me, lol. trey songz looked nice and while i appreciate his steps towards manhood, he is just playing grown up. all the posing and preening does not equal grown. and he was not doing it for me vocally either. now, on the other hand, tyrese seemed like the only one who was taking that performance seriously. he sang well and did the choreography. pass!

    2. tiny don’t need to be on tv nowhere. she looked sauced and uncomfortbale and at times, she looked as if she were on the verge of walking off of the set. IDK. fail!

    3. my bf said that keyshia was rockin’ the engelbert humperdinck. and i’m questioned why she’s wore that madonna cone bustier. fail! but monica did perform well so she passes.

    4. re: aaron hall…you would think that since r-rah done stole his shine that he would’ve been saving his voice for such an occasion. he failed but that whole segment passed!

    5. i apologize in advance drake fans but…why didn’t wheelchair jimmy stand? (we found out later that he tore his ACL). and who lost their 3 little girls and why were they on stage for that song? we gotta do better. damn (realizing that they were wayne n dem’s kids made it worse.) fail!

    6. the best of the whole thing was posting on and laughing at posts on FB. pass!

    i haven’t watched BET in a long time and had vowed never to again but in light of the recent events, i figured i should tune in to see who i could. you never know when it could be someone’s last time.

  • Steely D

    @JC…I don’t know. I think if the trailer got a good response, then J and M will actually do it, because Jamie said the release date is next year…lol

  • JC

    Oh, ok….I hope this doesn’t happen only because Martin doesn’t seem like his heart is into acting anymore and he would need one of his better performances to pull off Sha-nene for a whole movie…..



  • Ms. G.

    The Awards as a whole – fail. Jackson tributes were good. I agree with Ciara dancing instead of singing. Best MJ tribute was Neyo singing “Lady in My Life.” He killed it. (sidebar – my 13 yr old daughter asked, “that’s a MJ song??? doesn’t sound like something he would sing!) I thought Jamie Foxx was mocking not paying homage in the beginning. It would have been so much better if Chris Brown could have been there but that’s what happens….

    Hated Beyonce. Thank God for DVR because I zipped right through that after she “attached” her dress to her bodysuit. What kind of costume was that? Couldn’t she have done something different than her concert show? Was very disappointed, especially by someone who raved about what MJ meant to her.

    The O’Jays tribute was good but I thought Tevin Campbell and Trey Songs should have switched places. Trey Songs can’t hold his own against JG and Tyrese. Tyrese sounded great.

    Tiny needs to sit down. I’m so embarassed for her! At least she looked nice but that’s the only nice thing I can say. She doesn’t seem very bright. I wonder what TI was thinking seeing his daughter’s friends up there with grown ass men, which leads me to….

    Wayne.. Lord Have Mercy. Does BET not listen to current Hip Hop? Did they not know the words of those songs? Their performance was an oxymoron “You Da Best” followed by “I Just Wanna F&*@ all the Girls in the World.” Does anyone else see that? And how do you have them up there and then bring out Janet???

    Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Loved the movie trailer. Enjoyed his performance of Blame It. Have vowed not to see him live EVER after his incessant promotion of his show.
    Didn’t understand how he started saying the show was going to honor MJ but then he made disparaging jokes about him.

  • Nic

    Hated it. It was thrown together, and it showed, big time. You can’t tribute MJ rushed, come on!! There were a few “win” moments – Janet topping it all. But overall the show sucked eggs.

  • Kimberly Cooper

    The show overall was embarrassing. The Baby Boy and Lil’ Wayne performance topped any ignorance imaginable. The show was terrible and BET should not have let this happen…they owed MJ a better tribute.

    I was most disappointed in Beyonce. She is my girl, and I know she had to change @ the last minute, but I wish she could have performed one of her Sasha Fierce songs…why not? Jamie blamed it on the alcohol?? Unreal…