Ciara x “Work”

Thoughts? She’s actually dancing and I don’t see her technically throwing her vag at me. But something still has me bothered…I think I’m just not a fan of Ciara’s entire “sexy” change. And it’s not because I’m clinging to her precious childish image, I just think the transition could’ve been done better so that I wouldn’t feel like she’s forcing her “sexy” down my throat. *jumps off soap box*

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  • Dom

    Agreed. I think its so disturbing b/c even though they made the rapid change from child pop star to super sexy vixen r&b-stress, they still have her singing kiddie pop songs. She sounds like a 12 year old in some of her songs (esp. Nevr Ever) but she has the body of a grown woman.

  • her kidpop image wasn’t much better. wasn’t she gyrating in a parking lot wearing a bathing suit with cut-outs? the main difference now is that she’s trying to look like that other chick who shall not be named, lol.

    while she’s not throwing the vag, there’s a whole lotta airing out going on. poppin’ v @ 2:18. manic durty whine @ 3:30. and yet still more poppin’ vag @ 4:16. geez. well, at least she threw in her standard wobbly leg walk. i’m getting too old for this shit.