Deal of The Day: Loungey Lady

Designer: Lounge Lover
Style: Tessa Cardigan
Sale Price: $100
Where: Net-A-Porter
I bet you are probably wondering why I am excited about a cardigan in the month of June. Well, 1) a sale is a sale is a sale—no matter the season, and 2) If you travel as much as I do, you know the benefits of a cozy cardigan for a long, cold flight. Have you ever thought about where that airplane blanket has been before you? Ewwww! This cardi/blanket combo should do just fine.


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  • Moochie

    Jetblue has packaged pillow and blankie sets for like $6.00 – they ROCK!

  • Steely D

    I REFUSE to pay for a fucking blanket. damn that. Didn’t I just pay $165 for my flight? Why can’t I get a fucking blanket, free of EXTRA CHARGE? Disrespect, I tell ya. No shots Mooch…heart.

  • Dom

    I heard one airline may start charging for bathroom use soon! That will be the day I WALK to every destination!