DVR It!: NBC’s Obama White House Special

I ALMOST forgot to remind ya’ll…but then I was reminded myself by the BlackSnob, Thx lady! Williams sits down with US Pres. Obama June 2, tonight, and June 3 at 9pm for those Parlouristas in the US. For those of us in other territories, I’m sure MSNBC will put up the content ASAP after it airs and I’ll definitely link you. *wink*

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  • Dom

    It was pretty good last night. Informative. I cant wait for part two. Am I the only one who noticed the background music was all rap? IDK if I should LOL or SMH…

  • Rick

    The didnt hear rap, i heard all-american rejects, tingtings, radiohead, everclear, coldplay, the verve and many more. The music was great

  • Sandy

    Can you tell me the name of the music played in the very beginning when it was saying something about it being a young white house and showing everyone at the beginning of the day etc.? The song sounded like lots of people clapping in beat with the music.

  • Steely D

    Hm…the first clip was some indie rock joint, but I didn’t hear any clapping really…or do you mean the house song? That, I don’t actually know what’s thats called but it’d be a great gym jam. lol…