The Shop: Summer Swing

This past weekend in NYC was a study in summer style at it’s best. Maxi dresses, strappies, strapless – you name it we saw it. We also saw a spandex/neon combination but I won’t put the poor girl on blast, it’s only Monday. It’s official, the uniform for summer is officially anything with  a “swing” and shows a little leg. Time to hit the streets ladies!

1} Ino Wrap Dress | $97 | All Saints

2} Gathered Dress | $375 | 3.1 Phillip Lim

3} Poison Sweetheart Dress | $168 | French Connection

4} Bold Stripes Sundress | $23 | Forever21

5} Navajo Print ‘Greta’ Dress | $240 | Eskell

6} Beaded Mini-Dress | $270 | T-Bags

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  • nikky

    i bought the french connection poison dress at macys a few weeks ago and wore it to a friends wedding reception. i bought it just to wear then later return but i got so many compliments i think i might keep it. we’ll see. i LOVE it though verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cute!