“True Blood” Recap: Lafayette, a Vampire? It’s On!

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Last week’s post on “True Blood”received so many responses, that…well…we have to keep this going.  And I don’t know about you, but by the end, I was ready to fast forward to next Sunday to see what was going to happen next. Here are a few thoughts. **SPOILER ALERT** Let the predictions begin!

* I called it last week.  Jason’s involvement with last season’s vampire’s death is going to come back to haunt both him AND Sookie. By the end of the season, she is going to be forced to make a choice between Bill and Jason.  After Lafayette’s confession,  I think I’m right.  You heard it here first.

* The freaks on this retreat are borderline hilarious!  They’re all wearing Polo’s or checkered button down shirts buttoned to the top.  And the singing on the bus..the dancing at the Jessica Simpson-like performance was just classic.  And why was the name of her song “Jesus Asked Me Out Today?”

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* * What’s up with the freak in the dressing room, trying to get it on with Bill? Nothing like a cold, pale penis…I guess!

* What what what is Maryann? Taking any suggestions. Is she the devil? After hearing that voice from Sookie’s thoughts, I am not quite sure. The entire time, I’m thinking she knew that Sookie was reading her thoughts and that they were just playing this wicked game of mind fu**ing.

* In one night, she has everyone dancing and grinding on each other–orgy style in the bar?  Interesting that she apparently has been in this town for a while (remember Season 1 when the lady at the jail knew her when Tara got locked up?), but she’s just now managing to wreak havoc. Perhaps it was SHE who was responsible for Miss. Jeanette’s death. It’s funny how no one knew who Miss Jeanette was even though she had a job at the local CVS. I think she was a Maryann creation….just like the dude from “Desperate Housewives.”  (you heard it here first!)

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* Too bad we already knew that Lafayette was going to fail at his attempt to get away after watching the previews from last week. I love how he talked his way into becoming a vampire. “Give me what ya’ll got, and not only will I be a bad ass vampire, but I’ll be YOUR bad ass vampire.” Now, this is about to get good!

* And I totally knew that Bill was going to come in to save the day before Jessica ate her dad. But now what? Will he eat the entire family so they don’t tell on Sookie? This could be a big problem in human-ville. She fu**ed up. Thoughts?

Let’s discuss!

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  • Lafayette becoming a vampire is the best thing since wedges were invented.

  • First to get something off my chest: I’ve been tired of Sookie since last season when she uninvited Bill into her home. She’s so damn childish and borderline-stupid I can’t stand it. This latest dumb ish she pulled just irritates me more.

    Okay, so clearly Jason and the church lady are gonna get into some crazy stuff, and something tells me her husband will be in on it, too; he got pretty hot and bothered when Jason took off his shirt during capture the flag, too…

    Excited about prospect of Lafayette as a vampire. Anything to keep his character on the show. So tempted to read the books and see what happens, but don’t want to ruin the surprise for myself!

    Re Maryanne: I’m still not sure. I don’t think she’s the devil, but she’s something very powerful. I think the mountain of food (both at home and at Merlotte’s) has a lot to do with what she is. And I immediately saw that her mood affects other people, a la a crazy episode of Fringe (http://www.hulu.com/watch/69099/fringe-bad-dreams) that came on earlier this year (it’s an excellent show, BTW), and it will be interesting to see how she uses that power later in the season. I think she’s trying to get at Sookie. She definitely knows more about Sookie’s powers than Sookie does (I think it goes waayyyy beyond just hearing thoughts), and wants to use them for her own purposes. I don’t think she created the Black dude, but she’s using him for some greater (or lesser) purpose.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • finkies

    i’m really excited to see where season 2 is going. i read all the book (dork!) so i know most of the main plot points and what marryann is, but the series is taking enough turns that it will end up being different from the books, at least in some ways.

    i LOVE the layfayette storyline (different from book… the book had no black people btw) and can’t wait to see what type of trouble he gets into!

  • i loved how bill finally manned up and put sookie in her place…she such a dumb wench. and from the preview it looks like he continues telling her about herself. my first thought was that he’ll kill the parents and either turn the little girl or make sookie take her in.

    poor layfayette being fed on…but he’ll be the best vampire yet…

    i think maryann is some kind of ancient demon whose power feeds off of excess, be it food, sex, emotion etc. what is it that she wants from merlotte since she laughed at the cash? and how are folks shackin up with her without a second thought..or does that fall under southern hospitality…

  • i was dying to post right after the show ended but that would’ve been crazy,lol.

    i’m riding with krankin except that sookie’s been my least favorite character since the beginning of the show. everything about her grates on my nerves, from her accent to how she always manages to place herself and then others in harm’s way (can’t she hear other people’s thoughts? why can’t she seem to know when she’s in danger?) to how she thinks that bill must play by her rules. even if he wasn’t a vampire, dude’s a grown ass man and she’s playing grown up. she has no idea what she’s doing, which continues to make her dangerous.

    i think maryanne is dionysus or a similar diety who inspires “ritual madness and ecstasy” and feeds off of the frenzy. cool fringe reference, krankin. it is a great show. too bad it doesn’t come on consistently due to FOX’s moneymakers, Idol and SYTYCD. fringe was struck another blow when they had to stop filming in NYC and go to Canada. they lost the tax incentives. anyway, at one point, i thought that black dude had been created or conjured up by maryanne too but i don’t know now. he may be in the same predicament as tara.

    the young republicans’ retreat was funny. oops, i meant the church of the light. all that cooing about jesus asking her out with the audience all caught in the rapture had me rollin’. BTW, that commercial for the christian rock CD, “my god is an awesome god”, always has me in tears. yes, jason is going to be seduced by the preacher’s wife and then set up. it’s a parallel story to tara’s. they both were lost and needed something to believe in but it will be turned against them.

    lafayette is going to the best vampire. he had so many fantastic lines that i can’t remember them all. why did he still try to lay serous game on the barmaid while he was all dirty and slavey? he did say that he could almost glamour peole. oh, it just ocurred to me that they could heal him after they’ve fed and make lafayette their companion, enhanced by their blood but not fully a vampire. he could be their eyes and ears on the street during the day and on the v circuit.

    speaking of glamouring people, while it looks like the most obvious thing for bill to do is to kill the girl’s family, he could just glamour them to make them forget everything. that would be more humane. besides, he already has enough blood on his hands because of sookie.

  • – Ms Jeanette worked in a drug store a town over I think, so that’s why no one really knew her like that.

    – Jason is so funny to me because he’s a total idiot. Moses walked on water? LMAO!!! He was gettin it during catch the flag though. Second to being an idiot he’s a manwhore so I agree that he’s gonna get into some smut-like trouble on that leadership retreat

    – I think vampires should have a rule about not turning anyone under 18, kinda like the age of consent, cuz Jessica is too much for poor Bill. Sookie was dead wrong takin her home though so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. ESPECIALLY after she just chewed Bill out for being dishonest with her… how she gonna turn around and sneak behind his back?

    -I love Lafayette and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

    – Tara is dumb too. Beyond that horrid accent, who the hell stays up in somebody’s house like that without ever really asking questions? I could see for a lil while but this is too much.

    – I don’t think MaryAnn knows that Sookie can hear her thoughts. I think she’s some kind of witch though, perhaps. Could be anything since we’ve got vampires and shape shifters.

  • oh, dude who plays jason should be george w. in the WB version of W. the accent, love of sports & God but dumb as a rock…i do believe that he is young bush.

  • Nik

    As much as I love TrueBlood, does it seem like everybody is some what “over-acting” this season. Or maybe it’s just me?
    I’m also thinking that Tara going try to get the black dude (Forgot his name) a job at the bar…Since he doesn’t have a job you know…
    Sookie knows how to work a nerve! How is she going to tell Jessica to put some clothes on when she walking around town half naked! She put on a couple of pounds…
    Looking forward to next week.

  • @Finkies: Wow. Had no idea Lafayette was an addition. He’s the best damn thing on the show; even my husband was upset when we thought that was his foot dangling out of the car! That actually makes me less excited to read the books when this is all over. Booo; y’all know I loves me some Black people, lol.

    @Asha: Yes! I love Fringe, and was always sad when I’d go to watch it on my DVR and see that the first ten minutes was eaten into by Idol, and then it disappeared for like three weeks. Hope it runs more smoothly next season. And I said the same thing last night, I think he’s just gonna glamour them and keep it moving; Bill will do anything to keep from killing senselessly. And did you know that the dude who plays Jason is Australian (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Kwanten)? Crazy right? Damn good with the accent.

    @Nik: Yes, I think she has gained a little weight, but I’ve been too busy looking at her crazy hair to notice.

  • SaciaPosh

    Ok…Nik I think it’s just you. I know that I’m more into the series this season than I was last season so everything is so much more intense. Tara’s new man is soooo hot, did you guys see his packs. But it broke my heart when tara ask him if he was in possession or dealing and he said does he have to choose one…OH NO!! He’s a drunkie. Lafayette tried to glamour the bar maid lol. I wonder why they keep her around? She sure did keep her eye on the drag queen f** in the basement. Ok I was not shocked when jason said moses walked on water. It’s Jason Stackhouse – the V damnit.

  • I had to come back and share this link because I figured you all would get a kick out of it… Bill shopping in Forever 21 for Jessica!
    http://spoiledpretty.blogspot.com/2009/06/buyers-bewarevampires-shop-at-forever.html [Spoiled Pretty]

    He really didn’t think he’d find anything conservative in there, did he?

  • @SaciaPosh I did laugh at Jason’s Moses comment and what the hell is UP with his retreat roommate thinking the Christ retreat is somehow a competition for who’s faith is the best? He’s gonna be the one that rats J out somehow…

    -Sportie says that Mary Ann is a maenad: “In a nutshell, the Maenads were women who followed Bacchus, the god of wine and became stark raving mad when the god entered them. They cannot be reasoned with and thrive on very large amounts of sex and violence.

    Just as an example of how powerful the are… even vampires avoid them.”

    I knew it! Asha and I are so here *points to my eyes and hers* Sooooo Mary Ann should be very interesting.

    Jason knows he likes vamp, and their blood, so why all this christ anti-vamp madness? especially when his crazy friend renee was the extreme and we see where his hatred got him…hm.

    -The Forever 21/K-mart sales associate thinking that Eric and Bill were gay = LOL. Especially because Eric is SO metro, from the jump suits, to the highlights. It’s comedy.

    -I forget that Mary Ann was the chick with the pig in the middle of the road…TRUE

    -like @krankin said, what is UP with Sookie’s hair? and are we sure that Mary Ann doesn’t know that she’s reading her thoughts? hm…

    -I’m appreciative of Tara’s jump-off and his ab game. his body is SERIOUS! and they way they keep oiling him up, it’s, really, the highlight of the show. well, that and Lafeyette pimping the vamp system as only a gay black man who’s “a survivor first and a prostitute dead last” (or something like that, lol…)

    true blooooooood!

  • Sportie

    man…the saleswhore’s face was priceless…like “this blonde mofo has ruined my chance to screw a vampire!”

    I think I like him with the short hair, and I can totally see something of a sexual nature popping off between him, pam and lafayette.

    unless he and sookie get together on this trip to dallas.

    I really think maryann is the one who killed ms. jeanette. remember she has tara living w/ her and may have found out about the fraud. I also think she’s going to attack sookie-since she asked tara to move in w/ her. she was trying to disguise her thoughts in front of her in the bar.

    that dude who wanted to bunk with jason is such a hater it made my ass itch. like seriously. what is his malfunction? that won’t end well at all.

  • but seriously? can we have a sunday night meetup this weekend and watch it TOGETHER? THAT would be good television.

  • Joy

    I loved the second episode . But I hope they dont use Jason against Sookie and when are Eric and Sookie going to hook up because its hard to tell . The series does not follow the book so I dont know what to expect anymore. And I am glad that Bill put her in her place but what about Eric and Sookie . But I do have a question do you think there changing the storyline a little bit because of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer personal relationship ?

  • usually, not following the book is a recipe for disaster or at least a watered down version (the only other successful example i can think of is the color purple) but in this case, their use of their creative license has added more diversity, i.e. tara, lafayette and 6 pack. i haven’t read the series yet but now i’ll try to wait. now that i think about it a little more, it’s not really a big deal that they’re not following the book. it’s not like the trueblood series was part of pop culture already, like star wars, star trek, x-men, etc.

    if maryann killed ms. jeanette, it wasn’t because of the fraud. it was more likely done to further destroy tara’s bond with her mother. maryanne seems to go after people that are isolated. i also think that even though ms. jeanette performed a fake exorcism, she may have had some power/ability, ala whoopie goldberg’s character in ghost, which may have threatened to expose maryanne. she will go after sookie or pit tara against her. either way it will result in violence/chaos on which she will feed. whew. i’m like really applying critical thinking to this. somebody stop me, lol. i see you, steels.

  • oh yeah, jason is doing what a lot of people who have experienced loss do. they tend to cling to what appears to be solid, established, like religion to think for them because they don’t trust their own feelings.

    and sookie’s hair is crazy because she’s feelin’ herself. no-one trying to kill her…now. she’s got her man, a house, a car and job that she can go to whenever she wants. she’s flossin’.

  • Tay

    I know what Maryanne is
    I was told she is a maenad or a worshipper of Dionysys, Bacchus…so she is all about indulgences and hedonism. I think she is what attacks Sookie in the next episode (did anyone see the previews?). I also think she killed the Voodoo woman.
    This is just a theory, but I think Eggs MIGHT be a shapeshifter or something? Maryanne being some kind of monster explains why she was naked…but why was she with a pig? I dunno, but there is definitely more than meets the eye to Eggs…besides that 8 pack.
    I think Lafayette would make a badass vampire…he and Eric are my favorite characters right now. EVERY character is more interesting than Sookie. Sookie’s not funny, interesting, or charming and im never happy watching her scenes.
    I cant wait to see what happens next week, the cliffhanger killed me. I literally screamed at the tv. lol