Watch It!: “The Time Traveler’s Wife”

I’m there…August! Background from NYMag:

“The film translation of The Time Traveler’s Wife, based on the 2003 best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger, has had a long journey to the big screen. The manuscript was originally optioned by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Plan B production company as a potential vehicle for the duo, but obviously Angelina Jolie got in the way of those plans. Filming began back in September of 2007, with Rachel McAdams starring, but ran into delays when producers needed to wait for co-star Eric Bana’s hair to grow back after he shaved it on the set of Star Trek before they were able to film some reshoots. However, now that all the drama is behind them, the film seems to be well positioned to be a late-summer sleeper hit. After all, the last time McAdams dipped her toes in the sentimental-romance genre, The Notebook grossed some $80 million at the box office.”

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  • guywithglasses

    As a fan of all things timetravel, i’m going to say that this looks like the biggest bunch of foolishness i’ve ever seen. I don’t have enough estrogen in me to sit through this one.

  • omg i loooooved this book!! i can’t wait for the movie. the best part is that it’s a romance that involves time travel, not a glitzy time travel sci fi flick (not that i don’t love those) that throws in some romance…

  • guywithglasses

    the only film I can remember that successfully combined romance and sci-fi was the Fountain. This one looks like a fail waiting to happen.

  • the fountain was a success? really? sorry but i was hella bored and confused on that one…i mean i loved the effects, it was fun visually, but the story was a no go..i’m standing by TTTW…i refuse to believe they will turn such a good book into trash on film

  • ayren

    Here’s the thing: it’s not really sci-fi in that super “sci-fi” kind of way (no aliens, spaceships, or elvish). It’s more of an extraordinary story than a sci-fi story.

    I’d say read the book first, which was REALLY good, then check out the movie.