As a Single Woman, Would You Adopt?

I was perusing Facebook and my bestie Alvin posted a story on US Black women adopting domestically. Now, I’m glad that African-American women are adopting children because, as the child of a social worker, I know there are plenty that need good homes. However, the reasons some of the interviewees gave sound more like they’re using the children to absorb affection they’d rather lavish on a man…if one was around. Example:

“Duren says she still wants to be married. But in the meantime, she can barely wait to get home to see Madison.

Her life is now shaped by purpose, not regret.

“I have someone to hang out with. I can never say I’m lonely,” Duren says. “She lies across my stomach every night, and I just stare at her.”

Not to mention, it seems that a good chunk of women adopting refused to take in darker skin children, saying:

“I had a family who turned a baby down because it was too dark,” she says. “They said the baby wouldn’t look good in family photographs.”

Really? Though America is enjoying their first beautiful brown First Lady in Michelle Obama, we’re still struggling with a color complex? Ladies, please love yourself and the children we create.

Then there were the scary statistics of how many black women had never been married (45%) as compared to white women (23%)…but that’s a conversation for another day.

Read the rest here.

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  • Dom

    I like to think that I would adopt, married or not. There are so many black children sitting in foster care, overlooked. I could only hope that my husband would be willing to welcome an adopted child as well.

    The problem I have with the article stems from the fact that CNN usually paints black folks like something to be marveled at. From the overused stats on black men in jail to unmarried black women, they paint such a gloomy picture for the black race even when the subject could be positive.

    That comment about the family photo was offensive and didn’t need to be included. Its as if they purposely went out of their way to find some of the most ignorant statements to include in their articles to make us even more of a spectacle.

  • JoeBmore

    ““I have someone to hang out with.”
    ” I can never say I’m lonely,”

    These don’t seem like comments of a person that wants to help a young child. It seems like a woman that wants to raise a best friend.

    That is why I feel a lot of children are messed up today. They have buddies, instead of parents.