Drake “Best I Ever Had” Video – Finally!

Because I know you want a little Drake to start your day. Your favorite new guy finally released his vid for “Best I Ever Had”,  directed by Kanye West. Hi Steely! The first scene really makes my boobs hurt. Peep the vid after the jump!

I dunno why, but I was expecting more…but I DO see how you out your girl’s little sis in the vid, ‘Ye!

A family that video models together, stays together. Thanks Eskay!

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  • Jamie

    This vid is totally wack!! dont see what the big deal is about Drake nway.

  • Steely D

    I thought it was funny, “take that D, ladies!”…lol. Kanye, who directed the clip, is such an asshole. lol…and I agree Bakes, that running scene in the beginning totally makes my chest hurt. lol…