JudgementCall: Solange’s Baldie


Thx Honey!

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  • Ricki

    I love this young lady’s confidence. She still needs an edge up tho.

  • Sportie

    I love her hair. I wish I had the nerve (and the head) to do something like this.

  • Mulitple

    As a woman that wears her hair short like this I say “You go girl!!!! Nothing gives me more confidence…not all woman can pull off the look. I like it.

  • As a chick who just cut her hair like this two weeks ago, I love it!

  • J’alla

    No problem with the cut. She needs a shape up and a bottle of ferria to lighten in up a bit. Not blond, but definitely lighter.

  • i agree with all the comments. i just hope she doesn’t try to go amber rose blond.

  • Some lip gloss and earrings wouldn’t hurt with this particular look. She looks a bit crusty. But love the step out. Not mad at that at all.

  • Phillis

    I LOVE IT!!! She looks gorgeous and even hotter!! Baldies unite!!