The Shop: Malasaña Mammas

As the saying goes, “When In Rome…” and since I have arrived in Spain, I’ve tried my best. I’m eating four meals a day plus beer with breakfast, window shopping at Berksha, Sfera and spending endless afternoons making new friends on a terraza and people watching. Style-wise, Madrid is all about form meeting function. Days can easily rise to the 90’s+ so you have to stay cool and compact with light, airy pieces, a not-so-huge bag and a great pair of flats for easy movement from one cafe to another. This look is inspired by the fly girls I noticed strolling through Malasaña yesterday. Enjoy!

1} Red & Black Skin City Infinity Bracelet | $125ea | Jules Smith

2} Ribbon Trim Straw Trilby Hat | $26 | TopShop

3} Mercury Dress | $129 | Paul & Joe Sister

4} Promenade Wedge | $25 | Nine West

5} Textured Earrings | $5 | Forever 21

6} N97 Smart Phone | $866 | Nokia

7} Rise & Shine Pouch Clutch | $240 | See By Chloé

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  • Steely D

    why is that phone almost $900? Really?

  • yo, i went to this chichi mobile phone store and tested it out….the joint can take measurements of the weather by holding it in the air! of course that price is if you buy the phone without a contract. i love mobile game here, much less restrictive with many more options. c’mon steely, you know i love expensive shit, lol!