Um, Biker Shorts?

biker shorts 2

I’m all for non-pants, but I’m not sure what to make of biker shorts coming back OUTSIDE of the gym. Am I the only one that kinda equates the shorts with American Apparel disgusting attempt to re-introduce scrunchies?


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  • this is disturbing.

  • Dom

    LOL They got a nerve to have heels with them thangs!

  • there are waaay too many centaur asses out there to have a “doin’ the butt” revival. say no to biker shorts!

  • but i love how they have slits in the sides…if you gonna go skanky…do it with class. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!, lol

  • they could be cute…I’m not even joking.

    I make it my personal endeavour to see how ugly stuff can look cute…and really it could be done.

    Not by me tho. woooooooooo. HELL NO! lol