Hidden Talent? Teyana Taylor

Last week, Complex.com ran a post highlighting some of Teyana Taylor’s random YouTube videos and somewhere hidden amongst the clutter of madness was a video of her singing “His Eye is On the Sparrow”, killing it. So it made me wonder, why do we know more about her abs, Pharrell, Chris Brown and MTV than the fact that she can actually sing… and well. With a voice like that, why is she wasting time telling us to Google her? Sing.. Please.. the industry needs it. We’re dying of talentless thirst.

Check this out below. She can blow Beyonce and Rihanna out the water.. AND she can do it all while doing the Chicken Noodle Soup. How can she go wrong? We need more, Teyana. Do a live set with the Roots, jump on a nostalgic Jay Z song..Maybe a duet with Chris Brown (maybe not!)…. something so that people can hear your talent. Less interested in everything else.

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  • Damn shame. Pharrell got her doing all that chickenhead sh*t. When I heard the album, I didn’t hear ANYTHING REMOTELY like what she did in the YouTube video.

  • jayday

    Who knew?!!! This is awesome.

  • Mrs. RHJ

    I love her tone. But, I think she does’nt sound better than Beyonce, though. Also, she doesn’t have a high register, but she’s a talented sister.

  • Miz

    funny but in a duet with CB, She’d be lower than him! LMAO!

    But on a real, Keisha Cole doesn’t have a high register either so that’s besides the point; Female rippin’ PERIOD.

  • MsVenus

    Have loved her since I first saw her spoiled ass on My Sweet Sixteen (MTV). Comparing her to talentless Beyonce and Rihanna…well, it’s pointless…They are entertainers, not singers. And, what more can I ask for, she’s from Harlem, my home! I love Teyana! love, Love, LOVE her!!!!

  • @ bizzee

    I didn’t even know she put out an album