I’m Sayin’ Radio with Chloé and Hills!: Food Stamps

And I’m Sayin’ Radio with Chloé and Hills! is BACK! We’ve been on break for a few, getting ourselves organized but we’ll be back in the Fall. Until then, we’ve filmed a video clips of what’s going on with us, namely food stamps. If you’ve just read Kenrya’s Politrix column below, you know many Americans are leaning on the government to eat, including many NYC’ers. Are you on public assistance? Have you thought about signing up? I have…but I’m just not sure yet if I want to do that.

Watch what we think after the jump!

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  • Great video; real talk!

  • cruziiie

    I love that you are sippin’ on your drink. foolio! 🙂

  • Dionne

    Ha, so funny and true. Thank you for reminding me to certify my claim for this week!

  • Loved the vid. I know a few folks who are getting food stamps right now and they’re in the same boat (educated, unemployed folk who spent thousands to go to school so they wouldn’t need public assistance in the first place). I feel Hills on not wanting to deal with it unless and until you actually need it, because let’s remember that the funds for those programs come from somewhere and there are others out there struggling more.

    But um yeah, LOL at yall sippin on those drinks every other word. You made them look delish.
    And I’ve been to Peaches once. Fried green tomatoes FTW!

  • Venus

    Is I’m Sayin’ ever coming back? Will it make an appearance in 2010…missing it…