Late Pass: Vogue Evolution X Beyonce on ABDC!!

LOL @ JC Slater’s “They’re bring a brand new attitude to the competition!”

Why must I be in Europe??? Other than missing my daily dose of RHOA and True Blood, I am 2 weeks behind on the newest season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Normally I wouldn’t mind but this year they have a dance crew that makes me just want to WALK all around my house – Vogue Evolution! Rooted in the art of voguing, these boys have truly taken the underground ballroom scene and put it on television for the masses. My personal faves are Leiomy (Beyonce) and Devon. It’s about time that MTV had some fierceness from NYC. Let’s just see if America is ready for what the children have been bringing for 25+ years! Willi Ninja would be so proud! Peep how they sKilled Beyonce’s ‘Deja Vu’ after the jump.

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  • K Ali

    Am I the only one who didn’t think they did so well? I know a few in Willie Ninja’s camp who would have MURKED the choreo. They looked rushed and the movements weren’t clean to me. We are Heroes did the best in MY opinion.

  • Steely D

    devon’s face at 1:55 is PRICELESS

  • @K Ali – I know about 15 old and new school kids from Ninja, Mizrahi and a few others that would burn that stage. What makes this crew special is that they made it to MTV. Who knows if they will win, but for them to make it says much about pop-culture in the US. Let’s just hope they don’t get played at the end and have the producer’s use them for “diversity” marketing, etc (biz is always on the brain for me) and then get sent home packing.

    LOL @ Devon – right? It’s the STAGE SMILE everyone’s mom forced them to wear when they took ballet/tap/jazz.

  • after how many seasons of recycled crews, i was happy to see the addition of VE. yes, they can be sloppy at times but c’mon a few crews should have been kicked off on the first show. i do love the children and all the fierceness that they bring. i almost got caught up in the youtube abyss watching their videos, which spawned a ninja vs labeija min-marathon. anyway, leiomy and devon shine bright but someone needs to hug malechi. he’s always standing in the back looking like a sad loretta devine. deshaun’s another one who’s on mute. i wonder if leiomy really did pull a beyonce and tell the kids to dance and shut their mouths.

  • p.s. i fell out at the standing, jumping twirl that leiomy did at 1:36. no words.

  • Moochie

    Why is the Beyonce look alikes hair better than mine?!

  • Can someone do something about this Lil Mama madness? Who is dressing this chick and why are they allowing her to go on national television looking like this. SMH