…Says The Single Girl: The Adventures of Tamika

adventures of tamika

One of my readers posted a link to this video in response to my most controversial column yet, “Are You Settling For a Black Man?”

Watch after the jump. Discuss.

…Says The Single Girl

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  • I’m on the floor right now.

  • Qbkhali

    This video was hilarious and sad to say, true for so many of us. The voice was even more hilarious!

  • this video made me spit out my tikka masala. SG – u owe me indian food when i get back to the states. so sad, yet so true for many women. however, i really think we put the stress of “successful” on ourselves. i don’t have a single family home or the corporate gig (let that all go last year) and think I am the happiest i have ever been in my life so far. no tom joyner cruise needed…i’ll take a canoe ride in Thailand.

  • Steely D

    MESS!!!! So funny and true for alot of chicks…we shall overcome!

  • WOW, this is hillarious.