“True Blood” Recap: “You Summoned Me!”

Hey Ladies! So its another week of “True Blood” before they leave us for Labor Day weekend here in the states. What do we have to tied us over? Eric stalking both Sookie and Lafayette’s thoughts, Tara’s mom is still crazy, Tara is a mess and Bill meets Sookie’s cousin at the Queen’s house? But as usual, that’s not all…
-“They’re furry…” re. Lafayette’s handcuffs.-Why is Tara still stank to her mother? I thought she was done with the curse…
-The Fangtastic waitress in the pom pom shorts is annoying, still. How is she not dead yet?

So Tara summoned Maryann? Are you serious!?! Ugh…but Eggs laughing at Maryann saying that she thought Ms Janette was possibly a vessel is actually funny.

-Well, at least we know that Jessica didn’t eat Hoyt’s mama…but damn, her telling him his father shot himself. She must be stopped.

Wait- why does Eric still want Sookie? I thought he had her already, with her drinking his blood and all?

-“Teacup humans” – sez Eric. LOL…he’s funny this episode.

-‘Ro ro ro your boat’ as “lo lo bromeous?” This town has issues…

-“I will have sex with you”- sez feeding guy to Bill. “That will not be necessary” – sez Bill. LOL

-“You two really should just fuck each other and get it over with” – sez Vamp Queen. I kinda agree.

WTF Moment…

-OK, what the hell is in the egg?!? I can’t deal with this show!

-Why’s the Vamp Queen want Eric to “take care” of Bill?

-So I’m assuming Bill serving up Sam is some sort of play to open Maryann to being killed…*crosses fingers*

Do you guys have any other predictions? I’m at a loss…

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  • well, i was wrong about tara’s mother saving her. but i’m still holding out that she finally comes to her senses in the end. she’s just a weak woman and it’s sad to realize that it wasn’t the drinking that was holding her back/down. tara is still stank towards her mother because even though maryanne’s influence has been lifted (she went through detox), the feelings that lead her down the path still are present. recovery is an ongoing process (once an addict, always an addict). tara was able to convince her mother to free her through guilt. like most parents that have not been there for their children due to substance abuse, separation, whatever, if given another chance, they tend to overcompensate, hoping to gain love & respect but in the end, it just pushes their children further away. it is really hard to have an appropriate mother-daughter relationship once you’ve seen your mother turn tricks in the livingroom for drugs. [i work in social services and have seen just about everything, unfortunately.]

    anyway, tara summoning maryanne explains why she was so determined to keep tara around. i’m glad she cleared that up. and i found out that i was kinda right about the circumstances of ms. jeanette’s death. i was sorry to see that lafayette got got though and right after he had that PTSD episode on the porch. damn. i don’t want to see him cowering in the corner on the floor anymore. i am over slavey lafayette. i want fabulous La back.

    my predictions: eric still wants sookie because even though she’s had his blood, he hasn’t had any of hers so they are not connected the way she is connected to bill. news about sookie being special is getting around so the queen probably wants sookie for herself or to be shared and not just for bill. the problem is that eric probably just wants her for himself now. bill will offer sam up as a ploy but it will probably go wrong because sookie will try to save sam, not knowing of bill’s plan. maryanne will probably not want sam anymore anyway since she’s found out that sookie is more special anyway. and i have no idea about what’s in the egg.

  • Steely D

    I don’t know what’s in the egg either and it’s bothering me!

  • Agreed on Maryanne’s interest in Sookie. I think the egg has something to do with her actually. Not sure what–but something.

    It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out in a matter of an hour. They also have to set the stage for season 3–which I think will focus heavily on the Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle.

  • finkies

    the egg part was def. not in the book so im not sure whats going to happen with that, though the thought of whatever is in it is sort of scary to me. Where did it come from? did Tara pop it out? *ugh*

    and i’m not at liberty to comment anymore because I don’t want to give away any potential spoilers that were in the books that may or may not make it to screen. SorrY!

  • Frank Rosado

    The Queen’s interest in Sookie is a plot from the books(won’t spoil it here). But I want to know 2 things, What is in that egg and Why did Hoyt’s mother say the things she said about Maryanne and “him”(the god who comes?)?

  • Moochie

    I want to know how the town is going to go back to normal after all this IE: cutting off fingers as offerings, everyone sleeping with everyone…who can recover from that?

  • people have denied worst things than promiscuity so that shouldn’t be a problem especially since just about everyone was under the influence. it’s not like someone could hold any of that behavior over someone else’s head. but after all the drama, couldn’t the vampires just glamour the whole town and make them forget? and couldn’t vampire blood restore the cut off finger?

  • best lines:
    “pack that BOX of CHARD-DON-NAAAY” (hoyt’s mamma in the kitchen)

    “somebody need to slap that bitch” (lafayette to sookie)

    i’m down to make “lafayette 2012” shirts…whose with me?

  • Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one left in suspended animation over this week’s episode. I’m totally with getting those Lafayette shirts. That’s my boy and I can’t believe that trifflin’ ass Tara basically through everyone under the bus trying to save Eggs, who clearly rode in on the yellow bus with Maryanne. Perhaps the name Eggs has more to do with that egg than his name being Benedict. As hot as his body is, I think I’ve grown to detest him as a character.

    I wish someone would give me a spoiler in relation to the book. I have no qualms with it impacting my season finale experience. Hell, I need something to hold me for the next two weeks. I already feel the shakes coming on.

  • Amy

    I definitely feel the shakes coming on too!! LOL Yes I bet the Egg has something to do with Eggs because they always seem to have a play-on-words. [I haven’t read the books yet either 😉 ] Even the name Maryann FORRESTer seems to have some conotation with her primitive rituals taking place in the woods. Sam MERLOTte owns a bar.
    I love all the interesting power struggles among the characters. It’s nervewrecking trying to figure out who to trust. Everyone’s working an angle, either for lust, love, power, or for their own sense of redemption. It’s like there’s a darkside in all of the characters reguardless of being under Maryann’s influence (or not). Why would Tara’s mom want to kill Lafayette when he’s almost all Tara has? And in turn, why would Tara still grudge so hard once she realized that it was blind faith alone that helped her mom try to be a better person? Why would Hoyt’s mother ignore her natural duty and chose to be so emotionally abusive and resentful? And why would he enable her and defend it? You could see the transference of his affection for his mother as soon as Jessica finally snaps and bites her. (Haha we all knew she would bite someone eventually). I know there are shades of gray here… Mother-child relationships definitely seem to be a major theme, contrasting with the only virtual loving one between Sookie and Gram. And there’s still that egg…

    That house was so horrifying, they did a great job shocking an audience who’s pretty much seen it all this day in age. The self-butchering and black eyes… YIKES!!

    Now to all the love triangles…
    Am I the only one who got sorta hypnotized by Sookie’s first dream when she’s lying in bed with Eric? I totally thought he was borderline overrated until I saw that. That is the kind of dream where you’re sure it’s written all over your face as soon as you wake up. Everything about that scene was so seductive and… tender, even! You’d expect something less sublte and effective. The sheets, the way he stared into her all smokey eyed, lightly stroking her.. Even the intimate things he said to her about her greedy vampire demeanor.. there’s something so sensual and naughty about his “take” on her. It’s almost like his yearnings or observations of her are more complex than Bill’s blind love. (Which, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE, and model “the perfect relationship” on). Bill sees her as innocent, pure, and his own personal savior, who, in turn, he would do anything for. Eric, on the otherhand, urges to draw out something deeper, darker, more divine and almost indefinable. He wants to share this lustful euphoria with her. Is it merely lust? Or does he have a more complex and perfectly-tainted love for her? Or does he merely yearn to use her powers? He surely didn’t play fair to get her to have these dreams.. then again neither did Bill, per say… They sure made it interesting with the reappearance of Bill’s maker and the beautiful queen. Bill is so loyal, while Eric would do anything to get what he desires. All I know is that Bill’s always been sexy, but now I can’t look at Eric the same LOL.

    Okay, that’s all I promise!

  • Ginger

    Although I’m not sure what is in the egg, it definitely belongs to Maryann. The reason I know this is because Hoyt’s mother said something about, “Too bad Maryann don’t know it’s all downhill from here. There isn’t a woman alive who’d go through with it if she knew the truth…” Maryann’s going to be a mom.